All The SVERDLOV Families
 These include all the name variations.
 Based on material collected by Andrew I. Sverdlove in the 1990's.

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 A word about dates. "Circa" is a guess and could be anywhere from a few years to over a decade off, particularly with the first two geneations. "About" is a date that is +/- 1 year. ?-___-1940 means the year is known but not the day or month. ?-Mar-1940 means only the day is not known.
 Most Jewish males have two names a religious name, called the shem hakodesh, and a secular name, called the kinnui in Hebrew. Among the Jews of Eastern Europe, Yiddish was the everyday or secular language, so they had a religious Hebrew name and a secular Yiddish name, the kinnui. After immigration to a new country, a new secular name was chosen, in the secular language of the new country. For most genealogical research, we need to know an ancestor's secular name, because this is the name (or some variant thereof) that appears in civil documents. [Ed. note: excerpt from JewishGen]

 Hyperlink to Elllis Island immigration manifests for SWERDLOW's and variants Schwerdloff, Schwerdlow, Schwirdlow, Severdlow, Shwerdlow, Siverdlow, Sverdloff, Swerdiloff, Swerdlaw, Swerdloff, Swerdlov, etc.
 Timeline Consequences of Border Changes. The History of the Administrative-Territorial Division of Belarus.