Teller Family in America - 160 Years
 TFIA is based on material collected by Chester A. Teller and published in the late 1940's with supplements in early 1950's.

 In July 2009 Adam Teller Block scanned Teller Family in America and its supplement, New Teller Generations and made them available on his new website TellerKin

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 Wherever possible, and whenever I find the time, I try to add source data from,,, and other sources. At this time you are the most important resource.

NOTE: E-mail jpegs, GEDCOMs, additions, and correction, if doing that yourself is too cumbersome. Snail-mail photos (which I will return) or any information to be posted that you cannot do yourself. I would like to put up pictures that are old, or show families, or show celebrating holidays and doing interesting activities, and I'll post them.

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 In 2003 Andrew I. Sverdlove computerized Teller Family in America - 100 Years. I started with records from Dr. Jane Simon's Aunt Evelyn Kornberg and used records from Philadelphia Free Library and the Family History Library. I added the immediate family. I was contacted by 95-year-old Lucile Fleisher Bernstein (Wyncote, Pennsylvania) and added research she and her daughter had done on all the branches of her family. That is all under my Teller data.
 Last Updated: 26 August 2009